I was born and raised in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas and would love to live in a place where it is warm most of the time, it just is not the right time to put the show on the road. Luckily my sister lives in South Carolina, so we always have a beach town to escape to when needed. I am a warm weather person, but always loved the change of seasons … unfortunately, they aren’t like they used to be, but everything changes in life and I embrace what we are given. A great thing about this area is you can be at the beach or the mountains in less than two hours. We also have some breathtaking landscapes, history, architecture, food and are a huge melting pot of people – it is fantastic.

I have an interesting life story that is generally revealed over drinks … but there is a reason I landed where I am and I truly believe in guardian angels. My life is not what I expected it to be, but it is pretty great. If I could change anything, it would be to go back to college and really push myself to figure out what I wanted to be and find a career that I love and feel amazing about most days. I am lucky enough to have a full time job and get paid a decent salary, but there is no love there. I have always been a creative person and love to do things for people I know and enjoy making them happy.

I have been passionate about photography since I was very young and almost always have a camera with me and am obsessed with photography blogs! This year I decided that I am going to attempt to challenge myself and take my passion to the next level. Hopefully this blog will show this happening … enjoy the ride! Cheers, sas


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