2015 Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 9

At some point I am going to catch up … in life I guess.

The photo challenge for week 9 was Reward. We live in the Philadelphia area and last Thursday had a decent snowstorm … hopefully the last of the winter [New Englanders, I don’t know how you did it this winter!]. I opted to work from home instead of doing my 80 mile, round trip, commute and spending most of the day in the car.

When the snow stopped, I suited up and cleaned off the car, shoveled and hung out with our neighbors. This is a rare time that we actually see them and I look forward to the ritual. Although the roads were not great, a few of us decided to go to one of our favorite neighborhood Craft Breweries, the Sly Fox Tastin’ Room, for tasty pizza and delicious beer as a reward for a productive day. It was a great day and super fun night!

Cheers to the end of winter!!

SAS 2015 week9

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