2015 Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 10

The challenge for week 10 is Orange You Glad It’s Photo Challenge Time? This is a group photo submission, yes you guessed it, highlighting the color orange. We were permitted to go into the archives for this one and I didn’t have to go far – three of these are from our trip to Charleston a few weeks ago and the other two just needed to be in the group. Enjoy a splash of orange on this “promise of spring around the corner” day in Philadelphia! Cheers, sas

SAS 2015week10 (1)

How could I pass up taking a shot of orange Jelly Belly’s?

Fun and Games on Shem Creek in South Carolina for MardiCrawl. A Beautiful Sunset to boot!SAS 2015week10 (2)a

My better half playing a cotton ball catching game at MardiCrawl in an orange coat!

SAS 2015week10 (3)

SAS 2015week10 (4)SAS 2015week10 (5) And finally, our Orange Terror, Phineas Tumblebumm, for his second appearance. How could I leave him out?

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