2015 Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 8

Oooooh, this challenge should be easy for me since I do it often, the Rule of Thirds. Of course, we were on vacation to see my sister in beautiful Charleston, South Carolina, last weekend and only one shot really captured the Rule of Thirds and is the second shot attached.

So to really do the challenge, I walked through the house tonight to select a subject and went with my boyfriend’s passion … cars. Especially Corvette vs. Ferrari. He commutes 80 miles a day [as do I] in a gorgeous 2003 Corvette [as I do not] and has just hit 275,000 miles! He loves Ferrari’s and receives them for Christmas often .. just not to scale for humans. To drive a Ferrari in Pennsylvania, daily, would be a crazy expense – so for now, he is looking into the 2015 Z06 to my dismay – even though I absolutely love the newest American Supercar!

Enjoy the last weekend of February and wishing everyone warm thoughts! Cheers, sas

SAS 2015week8 opt2

SAS 2015week8 opt1

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