2015 Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 6

This week’s challenge was Scale … as with most of the topics, I could have gone a million ways with this, but I chose to use one of my favorite subjects, Phineas Tumblebumm, our one year old orange tabby cat. He is the sweetest love-bug in the world, but does have an alter ego when we call him “The Orange Terror”. When he is in that mode, you never know what is going to be flipped over, torn into shreds or pounced upon!

When we were on vacation in Bonaire last year, I was in this great little artsy shop and stumbled upon a perfect wood mini version of Phineas and bought it immediately. It actually has dangling legs and I keep it on a book shelf next to our bed. If I didn’t know any better, I would think he knows it is in his likeness as he plays with it often. By playing I mean, I find it on the floor and have glued the legs back on a number of items [including after the photo session the other night]. I was torn between two of his poses, but selected this one since he is mirroring the miniature version of him.

Hope everyone is spending Valentine’s Day with the one you love! Cheers, sas

SAS 2015week6

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