2015 Weekly Photo Challenge – Week 5

This weeks’ challenge is Depth … as a SCUBA diver, I truly wish I was on a dive trip where I could capture an easy photo depicting depth, but that is not for at least a month or two from now, so we need to shoot locally.

I went with the “depth of field” option and chose a subject that I see every day I work, 30th Street Station in Philadelphia. Of course, this is February in Philadelphia, so it is cold. On top of it, this station sits next to the Schuylkill River and today was super windy, so it was REALLY cold. My building connects to this station and I ran downstairs at the golden hour to grab a good shot. Forgetting my coat was not a good idea, nor was trying to shoot the track at rush hour … but I went to the edge and snapped away. A gentleman who worked for the train approached me and told me I could go past the little area that seemed to be restricted and shoot from there. I explained what I was doing and he thought it was great. Despite the cold, I found a warm soul that proved that Philly can be the city of brotherly love. It was a nice moment in an otherwise crazy week.

Hope your week was filled with unexpected warmth and surprises. Cheers, sas

SAS 2015week5a

note: my monitor at home is not that great and I realized the photo was darker than it should be, so I am reposting this photo.

original was:

SAS 2015week5

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